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Wetnose Spring Party

Wetnose Animal Aid and Paws2Rescue present their Spring Party 2018

Wetnose Spring Party 2018

Saturday 24th March 2018 at the London Irish Centre, McNamara Suite, 50 - 52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB.

Hosted by Wendy Turner Webster and Anneka Svenska, compered by Phil Lassman.

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Walk 4 Wildlife Update

Well as you can see, WE SMASHED IT!

Our Wetnose Warriors Amanda Spooner, Jackie Talbot and Helen Lymbery, did the 20 mile walk over bog, bracken, ponds, bridges and hills in the New Forest, we are all KNACKED today and hurting like hell, but we smashed it! As you will see from photos being posted and live streams on Facebook, we had fantastic weather and stunning scenery. Lots of horses, pigs, deer, cows to greet us along the way, we are still collecting sponsor money in so if you were waiting till we had completed the challenge, we can start collecting it now.

You can still sponsor our Wonderful Walking Wetnose Warriors on our Just Giving page.

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Romania Visit 2017


Emergency help needed: Wetnose Animal Aid has just returned from Romania alongside Paws 2 Rescue who we support, and as many of you know I have been 4 times before and know Marius and his wife Elena and the fantastic work he has done over the last 3 years, to me he is the Romanian Dog Whisperer.

On the Sunday night some vandals broke in to the kennels of Marius who owns the Kola Kariola Rescue shelter near Bucharest. Vandals tore down the back fence where the farm animals were and released a few dogs that then attacked a goat that was trying to protect her baby; several animals were badly mauled, we saw all the blood the next day!

Marius has staff that live on site but 2 were at a wedding that evening, there was only one person there that night but he didn’t hear any noise as it was right at the very back of the long kennels.

Early the next day (7am) we went straight to the city vets and saw another poor goat who had about 50 bites all over his back legs and back, he was shaking like a leaf in shock, just after we left we believe this goat had a heart attack and died.

We are appealing to our wonderful Wetnose supporters to give a donation by paypal REF: Paws to help Marius get better security, cameras and alarms and for better fencing urgently!

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Halloween Competition Time
Halloween Competition
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World Rabies Day

IAPWA and Wetnose Animal Aid are proud to be World Rabies Day Ambassadors

IAPWA and Wetnose Animal Aid are proud to be World Rabies Day Ambassadors and to be funding for 2000 dogs to be vaccinated against rabies as a collaboration with MAWO in Tanzania. The programme will take place in September and we'll share updates of this with you.

WORLD RABIES DAY....a global day of action and awareness for rabies prevention. It's an opportunity for communities to unite and for individuals, charities and governments to connect. As World Rabies Day Ambassadors for Meru, IAPWA and WETNOSE ANIMAL AID (Andrea Gamby-Boulger) were proud to fund the delivery of a rabies campaign in Tanzania where 2000 dogs were vaccinated. As you can see, so many people in the community attended with their dogs and we'd like to thank our Tanzania Partner and Wetnose Animal Aid for this opportunity to get involved in such an important campaign. One of many animal projects Wetnose Animal Aid gets involved in.

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New Dog Book mentions Wetnose…

Wetnose gets a mention inh new Rupert and Titch book

Hi, it's Rupert the D.O.G., aka Fat Frog Sausage Dog! I am quite famous you know, and if you have never heard of me, well you must've been sleeping in a cave with no wifi! I have my own Twitter account @RupertTitch, so I suggest you drop by, press the follow button and say hi; that way we can get better acquainted. Ok back to my book, it's basically my funny ramblings about my daily life... it also features my sister Titch (that's the Titch part in my Twitter name, she insisted on being part of the account) - we rescued her some time ago, she's a crazy bitch, barks at everything and everyone! You can read about her in one of the chapters, but first you need to buy the book, what are you waiting for? I am funny, insightful and kind, and I am in love with a CAT, a very beautiful and famous cat, yes you heard that right! Don't judge me, instead read my book - I promise you won't be disappointed. Oh and it's to support a charity, a wonderful one called @WetnoseDay so come on, be a good human and help the animals! Buy me on…

To get your copy of Ruperts book, click here.

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Shocking increase on horses dumped and left to die

Shocking increase on horses dumped and left to die

Wetnose Animal Aid has been raising funds for Animal Rescue Centres for over 17 years now. We have been saying for years, animal cruelty and animals being dumped is on the increase every year.

Only the other day the RSPCA were called about the piebald mare and arrived to find her already dead by the side of the busy Brentwood Road. RSPCA inspector Rebecca Benson said: “The heartbreaking sight of this mare was reported to us by concerned passers-by. “All the evidence points to her being still alive when she was dumped, and in the process of giving birth, but although I got there as soon as I could after we were called - she was already dead.” Was why a vet not called??

But the sad fact is this this is not an isolated case, it is going on up and down the UK. Wetnose Animal Aid is trying to raise £8,000 to help Rescue Centres struggling to cope with the sheer demands; many ponies are suffering daily, and face the same problems as dogs not being neutered. Too many ponies are being breed and then owners can’t afford to keep them in the winter months. Unfortunately dogs, cats, ponies, rabbits, so many animals needed to be neutered to stop this ever increasing demand for young animals!

The other month a young Colt was dumped on fly-tipping waste and left to die in the cold!

A Big Neutering Campaign needs to be done and fast, we need mobile vans going around to give out free Neutering operations, better education at schools, TV adverts but all this costs money, lots of it. If only animal organisations would all full together, so much more could be achieved.

Fact: Shocking figures show over 81,050 stray dogs were handled by Authorities in 2016

Fact: Hedgehogs are now declining in the UK at the same rate as tigers; globally that’s 5% a year.

Fact: Last year the RSPCA received more than 23,000 calls about horses, inspectors carried out 1,464 rescues.

Fact: In 2016 approximately 11m (40%) of households have pets, that means the pet population now stands at around 57 million (PFMA commission)

And another story comes in:

Willow Wildlife Rescue:

We are a small Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation centre working for animals in the SE London/Kent borders for the past 24 years. In recent years we have reluctantly had to get involved with sick, starving and abused or abandoned young PONIES left by the roadside or wandering in the road. Even the Met Police cannot get any response from even the largest animal welfare charities, as we are not prepared to leave animals in danger and distress we have taken them in, provided veterinary care as necessary and had stallions gelded.

In January 2017 another colt:

This piebald colt, badly emaciated and with its hooves heavily matted with mud, would have suffered awfully in its final hours of life. Even in death, it was given no pity as it was dragged on to a grassy verge with a coil of blue rope and left to decay.

Horse dumping is reaching epidemic levels as overbreeding and rising costs put increasing numbers of equines on the scrapheap.

Visit our Just Giving page HERE

Equine Market Watch:

“The problem is increasing rapidly, economy, overbreeding lack of real teeth re laws you name it. Horses ponies even donkeys and of course dogs and small animals. Compassion has all but died in this country. Now we have a disposable culture”.

Wetnose is raising £8,000 to help Rescue Centres trying to cope with this awful problem right now. The message to me is crystal clear, we must all stick together and keep fighting for Animal Welfare!

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Bracken's Dog Rescue

Tina from Wetnose Animal Aid visits Bracken Dog Rescue on the I-O-W and talks to the owner Kim about her work and the dogs.

Re-homing death row dogs from Ireland. Bracken’s is a non-profit making concern.

For 30 years we have been rescuing dogs, mostly cross breeds. For 10 years we have been re-homing dogs from Ireland who would otherwise have been put down and dogs from the Isle Of Wight when people's situations change. Bracken’s is a non-profit making concern, relying on donations and charitable events.

For years we have been rescuing dogs, mostly cross breeds. For 10 years we have been re-homing dogs from Ireland who would otherwise have been put down. Bracken’s is a non-profit making concern, relying on donations & charitable events.

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Donations 2016

Here are the animal centres Wetnose Animal Aid has made donations to this year.

    • Blossoms Rescue Centre
    • £300.00
    • Lumpy Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue
    • £100.00
    • Quarry Bridge Farm
    • £319.95
    • Paws 2 Rescue Charity
    • £300.00
    • Bat Hospital I-O-W
    • £250.00
    • Nuneaton Wildlife
    • £450.00
    • Remus Horse Memorial
    • £500.00
    • Hope Pastures Pony Rescue
    • £450.00
    • Grensted Hedgehogs
    • £284.00
    • Cat Chums Poringland
    • £550.00
    • Mill House Animals
    • £300.00
    • The Retreat Animal Sanctuary
    • £300.00
    • Pablos Horses
    • £479.00
    • Quarry Bridge Farm
    • £340.00
    • Worcester Animal
    • £350.00
    • New Life Parrot Rescue
    • £350.00
    • Foxy Lodge Wildlife
    • £650.00
    • Heart Rescue Turkey
    • $100.00
    • Sheffield Cat Shelter
    • £450.00
    • Fife Dog Rescue
    • £203.01
    • Hallswood Animal Sanctuary
    • £1016.20
    • Hart Wildlife Sanctuary
    • £400.00
    • AA Dog Rescue
    • £175.00
    • PACT Animal Rescue Norfolk
    • £600.00
    • TOTAL
    • £9217.16

Food and equipment are also given to Centres as well as funds

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Oggles Hedgehog Rescue

On Sunday – Wetnose volunteer Tiffany went to visit Vicky and Steve at Oggles Hedgehog Rescue based in Dewsbury on behalf of Wetnose Animal Aid.

I was overwhelmed by my findings. Vicky is working around the clock nursing fully grown hedgehogs and hoglets (babies) preparing them to return to the wild.

Her entire home has become a safe haven for sick and injured hedgehogs plus abandoned litters of hoglets. Vicky is disabled, relying on crutches to walk, yet despite this her commitment to wildlife, remains her entire focus. Vicky has saved thousands of hogs that now live freely in the wild – having been raised or rescued by Vicky. Often people bring hogs to Vicky, as a result of finding them in their garden, needing medical attention.

It is Vicky’s dream to teach and mentor others to take care of sick hedgehogs and understand how a little effort such a long way in maintaining a better lifestyle for them. Hedgehogs ‘currently’ are not a protected species. They often die as a result of nesting under bonfires. They feel the cold and seek out warm places, for instance beneath sheds and log piles.

Information below, taken from Oggles Facebook Page:-

Child's Drawing of Hedgehogs

Oggles Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is a not-for-profit rescue centre based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. We provide a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service for orphaned, sick and injured hedgehogs 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Oggles was founded in October 2010 by Vicky Greenwood who has rescued, treated, rehabilitated and released hundreds of hedgehogs since it opened. Oggles are totally self-funding and are committed to provide the nutrition, care, veterinary treatment and medication needed to treat and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs.

HOW YOU CAN HELP THE HOGGIES! - If you find a hedgehog out in the daytime or have a sick, orphaned or injured hedgehog please call Vicky on 07954 138853.

The rescue depends on donations from our friends and supporters to ensure that we can continue to collect, treat and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned Hedgehogs.

Visit Oggles Facebook page HERE.

Or watch a Wetnose film about Oggles HERE.

Vicky with rescued Hedgehog

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Hope Pastures Equine Rescue

Wetnose visits Hope Pastures Equine Rescue

It’s so sad when you visit these Rescue Centres and hear the awful stories of how animals are mistreated and see horrible things on Facebook and you wonder why people are so cruel and unkind to voiceless animals.

Now with a new prime minster about to be elected and an *out* vote in the referendum, means everyone will spend less for a month or so, with all the uncertainty going on, this puts our Rescue Centres under even more pressure..

The Sanctuary

When the existing trustees took over the running of the sanctuary in 2004, the site was dilapidated, scruffy and very unsafe. Since then much effort has been put into improving the site, both for the animals and our visitors, and we’re pleased to say that today we have an attractive, welcoming environment, where you can visit and spend time with the animals in safety and comfort. Our visitor centre opened in 2012 and this enables us to run lots of group activities and to provide refreshments and information for visitors when it’s open to the public at weekends.

We’re continually improving the sanctuary, with our most recent developments being a wheelchair-friendly walkway to the top fields and improved signage to help you find your way around. We’re also introducing more fun activities and things to do while you’re here – so pop in anytime we’re open (everyday 10am-3pm; 2pm in Winter) and see what we have to offer.

Adoption Scheme

Adopt one of our residents – it makes a brilliant Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary present. Or adopt for yourself and come down and visit your adopted animal and their friends any day between 10am and 3pm (2pm in Winter). For a donation of £15 we send you a letter from your animal, a personalised certificate and a special photo. All of the adoption money you donate goes towards the day-to-day costs of looking after your horse, pony or donkey (or mule!)

Pony Parties

Parties are great fun and very, very popular with all who attend. They run for 2 hours and include: various pony-based activities/games meeting the ponies ‘hands on’ grooming (brushing and plaiting) them time for party food and cake (which we ask you to bring with you) in our visitor centre a free pony adoption for the birthday boy/girl A party is a donation of £95 for up to 12 children or £50 up to 6 children. We can also organise Hope Pastures’ party bags with horse-themed goodies if you wish.

Visit the website.

Watch the film.

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