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Background To The Project


Urgent desperate news from Romania:

This is what is happening in Romania today 21/3/2014 the ASPA who run the public death camps came and took 90 healthy well cared for dogs from a private shelter (Vier Pfoter) a lot were waiting to travel to the UK. It's brutal and there are at least 2 videos, people locked themselves in the cages to try and save the dogs, the ASPA broke the cages, one lady hid a dog down her trousers and under a blanket, so 2 dogs were saved.

About 15 of the dogs were taken from the shelter clinic and had just been operated on. One lady who witnessed all this had a heart attacked and is in hospital. Reports suggest the dogs have been taken to the Makati City Shelter which is a death camp. All will be killed!
All the dogs were micro-chipped, paperwork ready, and were waiting to come over to the UK, this is trespassing and illegal to take dogs from a Private Shelter, illegally. Dogs are being stopped from being deported, reports are coming in that this is happening in Bulgaria too.

WARNING : These films show distressing scenes

Amanda Holden Shows Support for Celebrity Trip to Help Romanian Dogs

Wetnose team Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger join Peter Egan and others in animal teams in the protest to stop the Romanian Government killing thousands of stray dogs.

Illegally, public funds were allocated to local authorities in Romania for humane solutions to the stray dog problem including spay/neuter programs but these were never implemented. The money disappeared and animals are dealt with in a most cruel way instead and euthanised in a completely inhumane manner. The reports in the Romanian media and true eye witnesses accounts state these cheap and effective euthanasia methods including beating to death, clubbing, injecting paint thinner or other cheap toxin into the lungs, burning, drowning and poisoning with substances including antifreeze.

The petitions, demonstrations, and acts of heroism being offered and shown, have set this flame alight across the World...

Here in England, many individuals and organisations are working to bring an end to this savagery; some are flying over to Romania, to protest, and to highlight the plight of the animals, and the people who are trying to help them.

Wetnose Animal Aid and Norton Animal Rescue Foundation (Peter Egan, Sam Fox, Lorraine Chase, Wendy Turner Webster, Saffron Rock Band Republica) and others are making plans to visit Romania in February in order to film the atrocities, meet those who are fighting against this evil, and to show the

entire world what is happening to Romanian strays. With a celebrity team, camera crew, we will strive to bring 'Justice for Romanian Strays', as we did with the recent case of 'Borko the crippled dog', and the many other Bulgarian animals also suffering indifference and abuse.

We have so much to plan, and so little time in which to organise this effort, as the situation is already more than we can bear, and the animals are suffering and being exterminated as I speak...if any organisations and individuals wish to donate any amount, no matter how small, then please can all donations be sent directly to Wetnose Animal Aid, and please specify that donations are for the Romanian mission.

We are often referred to as 'Heroes' or 'wonderful people' believe me; we are none of these things. We are born to do what we do, and we cannot change who we are, and therefore all we are is a voice, for those who cannot speak for themselves...we deserve no praise, we want no rewards, ALL we ask for is justice for the countless animal lives, who suffer every day at the hands of cruel humans.

PLEASE help us raise out target of £5000 to help the plight of Romanian dogs.
Donate via PayPal or Credit Card by clicking on the DONATE button below.

Please send Cheque donations made payable to Wetnose Animal Aid to
Wetnose Animal Aid, Newgate Lodge, Newgate, Kirby Kane. NR35 2PP.

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