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Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring an animal for a 12 month period costs £10

  • You will receive:
  • A certificate of sponsorship from Wetnose Animal Aid
  • A photograph of your sponsored animal
  • Two updates during the year letting you know how they are getting on
  • The knowledge that some of your sponsorship money will go directly to look after and feed the animal and some will go to support Wetnose Animal Aid’s ongoing work

The Ex-Battery Hens

As you can see, the ex-battery hens were in a sorry state when they arrived on the farm, but you will see their improvement back to health over the year. Suzie and Don rescued them from terrible conditions and with no future for them.

Mrs Tilly

Mrs Tilly the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Mrs Tilly, click below.

£10.00 per year


Hoppy the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Hoppy, click below.

£10.00 per year


Hilda the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Hilda, click below.

£10.00 per year


Copper the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Copper, click below.

£10.00 per year


Honey the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Honey, click below.

£10.00 per year


Esmarelda the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Esmarelda, click below.

£10.00 per year


Ginger the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Ginger, click below.

£10.00 per year


Missy the ex-battery hen.

To sponsor Missy, click below.

£10.00 per year

Barney the Cockerel

Barney was rescued after being kept on a balcony and the neighbours didn’t appreciate his morning wake up calls!


Barney the Cockerel

To sponsor Barney, click below.

£10.00 per year

Tawny, Snowy and Casper – the Furry Ferrets

These three adorable furry ferrets were donated to Suzie and Don from people who could no longer care for them or they were kept in unsatisfactory conditions.


Tawny the Ferret

To sponsor Tawny, click below.

£10.00 per year


Snowy the Ferret

To sponsor Snowy, click below.

£10.00 per year


Casper the Ferret

To sponsor Casper, click below.

£10.00 per year

How to Sposor an Animal

  • Choose the animal you would like to sponsor and click on the corresponding "Sponsor Me" button to make your donation via Paypal.
  • When you check out add the following to the "special instructions to the seller" box:
    • The name of the recipient.
    • The postal address of the recipient (for certificate and photos)
    • The email address of the recipient (for updates during the year)

Terms and Conditions

  • The period of sponsorship is for 12 months
  • The sponsor has no legal right over the animal
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to visit your sponsored animal